tattoo work by jimi saldana out of artistik illusions - Tattoo Video.....

Info: hi this is JI­MI SAL­DANA and here is sum of the work ive done, most­ly with­in the past year or two. i spe­cial­ize in cus­tom black n gray tat­toos, but i love do­ing a wide va­ri­ety as u can see. i try to fo­cus on ev­ery piece and do my best, hope­ful­ly one day u can be sit­tin in my tat­too chair while i gen­tly mas­sage ur skin with sum sharp pointy nee­dles! who knows u might just like it just like most tat­tooed peo­ple! this video is just a sam­ple of what i do on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. it pret­ty much speaks for it self so check it out and show it to ur friends who might be look­ing for some tat­too work. my shop is in sioux city iowa. hit me up for ap­point­ments at 712 224 4720.

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