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Info: Some of Joshawa Elsas Polynesian tattoo work. Island TAT has a tattoo shop in San diego and a private studio in Hawaii and also is a clothing brand. Go online to check out more work or purchase some Island TAT Gear... Joshawa Elsas is from Hawaii and incorporates inspirational details from the client to create the unique polynesian tattoo ... all freehand on each client. To schedule an appt. email Island TAT's mission as a tattoo shop and clothing line is to keep traditions of our Island culture alive through tattoos and fashion. Also to give back to the community and culture any way possible. Island TAT is a christian based company and started in 2003 by Joshawa Elsas. All designs on apparel are created by Joshawa Elsas and the newest member of the Island TAT Team ... amazing artist Suni Lesu

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