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Below are just a few of our genuine testimonials from studios already advertising on our web site. Nearly all of the studios listed have received new customers from advertising on UK Tattoo Studios. Click on the full version link for the full un-edited testimonial.

"i have tattooed more new customers this summer holiday through youre site than any other form of advertising"
bubba, mr bubbas tattoo studio, hants (Full Version)

"Just wanted to say how please we are we joined UK Tattoo Studios. We have had many clients whom have said they found us searching in the UK Tattoo Studios site, so thank you."
Wilson Ink, Wickford, Essex , (Full Version)

"If you run a Studio and have thought about advertising on this site DO IT NOW its well worth it"
Ralfy and Alicia, Ralfys Tattoos, Leicestershire,, (Full Version)

"We have had many new customers that have found us through your site .We are a long established studio and have found that this is the way people find studios these days"
Doctor Feelgoods Tattoo Studio, Poole, Dorset,, (Full Version)

"UK Tattoo Studios is a great web resource that sends me regular business - and should be seen as an invaluable tool for any professional tattoo artist"
Andy Potter, Inked Tattoo Studio, Dorset,, (Full Version)

"My new website and also advertising on your site has generated a hell of a lot of extra customers to my business."
Dave Turner, "The Legend", The Picture Machine, Newcastle Upon Tyne,, (Full Version)

"Over 50% of our customers come from our advert on uk tattoo studios, advertising on the internet is way better than yellow pages".
Jay Hindmarsh, Studio 1, Cardiff,, (Full Version)

"So far I have had £1200 worth of business from the site and rate the service very high indeed!"
Philip Bradley, Rising Phoenix Tattoo UK, Bedfordshire,, (Full Version)

"I would wholeheartedly recommend this site to all fellow tattoo studio owners!"
Sara, Holey Skin, Avon (Bristol),, (Full Version)

"The only bad comment at this time i could make is that you donít have many other tattoo studios on!"
Michael Rose Tattoo Studio, Herts,, (Full Version)

"This is one of the best sites for tattoo directories on the net!"
Logan, Logans Cave, West Midlands,, (Full Version)

"Powerline Tattoo Supplies recommends advertising with UK Tattoo Studios!"
Jimmy Starr, Powerline tattoo supplies,, (Full Version)

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