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Hi there, "My son creating my website and also along with the advertising on your site has generated a hell of a lot of extra customers to my business." I have been tattooing for 44 years now and still live in the dark ages perhaps compared to the younger generation of today but the website and your site has shown me a whole new way of advertising and generating a massive boost in customers contacting or visiting my studio for a tattoo. At one point it was the yellow pages but kids of today tend not to pick up books but more so just refer to the web and search engines for a quick and easy way of getting what they want. thanks ever so much for helping to increase custom.

P.S. funnily enough I had a guy in my studio on saturday who had a tattoo done and found my studio via your site and also a lot of people mention it too. So thanks again

Dave Turner, "The Legend", The Picture Machine, Newcastle Upon Tyne,, From May 2007

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