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"So far I have had £1200 worth of business from the site and rate the service very high indeed." The £1200 comes mainly from a back piece that we are doing, the customer said he found us through your site as he does not like the local studios to him. He travels from Hodderston in Herts once a fortnight for a 4 hour appointment. 4 hours at £40pph is £160 per session he has had 5 sessions at the moment that makes £800, and will need a further 3 hours to finish. That and a few other people (See site feed back) and the figure is met. We tend to keep track of what works and what doesn’t as we have never advertised in the 7 years of being in business so we need to ensure we get value for money. Your site delivers the value no doubt at all.

Philip Bradley, Rising Phoenix Tattoo UK, Bedfordshire,

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