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Please find below details of Michael Rose Visual Art this tattoo studio is located in the town/city of Potters Bar in Herts.

Michael Rose Visual Art
34 The Broadway
Darkes Lane
Potters Bar

TEL : 01707 663055
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9/7/2015. from Kim
Had 3 new tattoos done today love them all michael was really professional and a good laugh! He talked through everything with me, the studio is one of the cleanest Iv ever been in and would highly recommend it to anyone
9/12/2010. from Scott
Brilliant! Great studio, awesome tattoo's, everyone I know has recommended Michael Rose's studio.
9/12/2010. from Alex
Really happy, my tattoo looks the business Thank you!
8/7/2015. from Rolands Paberzs
I recently had a Day of the dead female portrait tattooed onto my forearm by Michael, I was very impressed by the quality of his work and the overall experience of being in the studio. I would recommend him to anyone and already have to a couple of friends.
8/7/2015. from Shane superman
Michael is a fantastic artist and his studio is very professional, clean and tidy. The whole team is very friendly as a family and I've had 4 pieces done with Michael including my chest piece and my forearms. Both prominent places that you don't waste on cowboy artists! Both came out just as I wanted and that's I keep going back and why people stop to ask who my artist is. Always a waiting list for Michael Rose so I would advise booking in advance.
8/7/2015. from chris
Michael is a fantastic artist and will give you a fabulous piece of artwork. Not only that he is a jolly smashing chap.He will happily give advise, engage in conversation and the studio and staff are very accommodating. You will leave very pleased indeed.
8/7/2015. from Jason
Had five sessions on back, front and arm and couldn't have been happier. They say you get what you pay for and you do. Start to finish was a pleasant experience with friendly people
8/7/2015. from Sarah
What can I say.. This guy is amazing. 3/4 of my way through a sleeve and I now get stopped in the streets asking who my artist is. You pay for what you get and he's time and effort is worth every single penny!!
8/7/2015. from Darran
had my rotties portrait done by Michael I travelled from Cardiff twice and I could not be happier will be making the journey again soon for a sleeve.cannot recommend enough
8/5/2012. from Alex B
This is my second tattoo done by michael couldn't be happier with it even though its been a year since my first one and and a few artists have come and gone the shop still has an outstanding reputation and i will defiantly be back! if you want a tattoo michael rose visual art is the place to go!
8/2/2011. from arron
8/2/2011. from Marc
Really easy studio to get to just 2 mins walk from potters bar train station, was worried I wouldn't be able to find it! Really pleased I chose to get tattooed there, really happy with my new tattoo.
8/2/2011. from Iris
very nice work
8/2/2011. from keith
Had a great laugh at the shop, all the guys there are very easy going and easy to get on with
6/9/2011. from Ben
Had my first tattoo done today, writting on my hip looks amazing so happy with it, really nice studio and good artists
6/9/2011. from Jason/Maria
both myself and my husband got tattoos done at this studio, they helped us with the design and done a great job with them both, we cant thank Richard enough for everything! Very happy with every aspect of this studio
6/9/2011. from tracey
amazing studio, great staff great work. Very clean and professional
6/7/2015. from sarah
had a great day at michael rose today, getting my sleeve completed on my next session, couldnt be happier with how it is looking, they give great advice and great banta at the studio. really relaxed. thanks guys see you next month
6/1/2011. from Joe
Great tattoo designs in the studio, big selection of flash. Really tidy studio.
6/1/2011. from Karen
6/1/2011. from Jackie
Beautiful tattoo, thankyou! Couldn't be more pleased.
6/1/2011. from Dave
Very pleasant experience! I really enjoyed my time getting tattooed.
4/5/2011. from Julie
Hi, i came in on Monday afternoon and had a tattoo done by Villo, i just wanted to say a big thank you to her for doing such a fantastic job, and to everyone there who helped to make me relaxed, you were all very friendly. My husband loves it and i think i may have 3 more clients for you! Thak you once again Julie X
4/1/2011. from Geoff
Michael Rose Visual Art Studio is the best studio I have been too, I have been to many studio's. The help I got from the staff was just what I needed, I couldnt recommend it any higher!
30/5/2011. from Chris
Excellent tattoo im over joyed!
30/5/2011. from Stuart
Thankyou my tattoo turned out great and really happy you were able to fit me in.
30/5/2011. from Mario
My tattoo turned out great, thankyou for your hard work and talent! I will more than likely be back for more!
30/5/2011. from steve
30/5/2011. from David
I went into the studio not really knowing what I wanted, the staff were able to help me out a great deal, and I was able to choose a design and get myself booked in, I can't wait to get it done!
30/5/2011. from ginge
I love the tattoos ive seen from this studio, I'm saving to get a sleeve done and this is the studio for me. See you guys soon!
30/11/2010. from Pete
Thankyou for a great tattoo!
3/6/2011. from Spaz
Nothing sort of genius.
3/2/2011. from John
Was in the studio recently, and couldn't beleive the amount of awards Michael Rose has won, all displayed in the waiting room, fills you with confidence.
3/2/2011. from Matt
Best studio I've been too
3/2/2011. from Mark
I have an awesome tattoo by Michael Rose, couldnt be happier with the whole experience!
3/12/2010. from Richard
Well Chuffed! Thankyou my tattoo looks the nuts!
29/4/2011. from Jack
Very happy with the work done on my tattoo, I will be back for more!
29/4/2011. from Daniel
Fionn Smashed it!
29/3/2011. from Simon
I had my first tattoo yesterday and I would like to thank everyone involved in the experience, from Neil on reception, to Fionn who did the most amazing Man City tattoo! Prior to coming to your tattoo shop I had researched many other shops before choosing yours and I am very pleased that I chose you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your shop to anyone considering a tattoo. Thank you very much
27/8/2015. from iwzYAIaDJOQ
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26/8/2011. from cenzo43
great artist but tempermental lol
26/8/2011. from cenzo43
just watched your you tube video of your pin up on mike must say thats da dogs mate¡
26/5/2011. from Fred
Just a little thank you message from a satisfied customer. It took me 25 years to build up the courage to finally get a tattoo. I was quite nervous about the procedure but Fionn was very patient, calming and explained everything really well. The tattoo came out perfect, it is just what I wanted.
26/5/2011. from Brian
Happy with my tattoo, looking forward to continuing it!
26/5/2011. from malcolm
25/11/2010. from Kev
25/11/2010. from Jack Howard
Lovely Studio, very clean and hygenic, my tattoo turned out much better than I thought it would.
25/11/2010. from Fiona
Staff very friendly and helpful, Amazing artwork on the walls
25/11/2010. from Frank
My best tattoo so far! deffinately recommended A+++
24/5/2011. from jeff
I can recommend this studio, I decided to get a tattoo and my friends told me to go to Michael Rose, so I did!
24/12/2010. from chris
Thankyou for my tattoo I love it!
23/8/2011. from Lorraine sheppard
Fantastic tattoo and piercing premises, spotlessly clean and pleasant to spend time in. Staff are all brilliant, Rhia is really welcoming and looked after me so well, Michael is a first class tattooist, couldn't recommend him highly enough. Great technique, fabulous results. All-in-all a really brilliant day and I ended up with a tattoo I will love forever. Thank you guys!
23/8/2011. from Marc p
I would highly recommend this Tattoo Studio.A really relaxed studio, very clean and polite professional staff. Great advice and aftercare.Thanks to Richard B for my tattoo, will be visiting again for another one
23/2/2011. from Andy
Quality Studio! I love my piece
23/12/2010. from Tony
Lovely Tattoos from a clean studio, couldnt want anything more!
22/2/2011. from Matt
I'm very happy to be able to recommend this studio, I have a great piece by Fionn.
22/2/2011. from Gemma
I now have a beautiful butterly design tattoo, tahankyou, really happy!
22/2/2011. from Jack
I saw Michael pick up the award for best small black and grey tattoo for a portrait of Buddy Holly at this years Brighton tattoo convention, it is amazing!
22/2/2011. from Lofty
Can't wait to get booked in again!
22/2/2011. from Kevin
Overall, A great experience! A+
22/12/2010. from Carl
My first tattoo, I decided to get it done at Michael Rose visual art studio after seeing the amazing work on the website, I was not dissapointed with the finished result! Im so happy, thanks
21/12/2011. from Peter
Great studio, Great artists! really happy with my tat, first of many..
21/12/2011. from Gavin
Really nice staff very helpful, got my tattoo started today amazing! found michaels website really helpful too
21/12/2011. from Mark
had my second sitting today well happy with my tattoo. Viking and sea surpent! awsome job Richard
21/12/2010. from Sophie
My tattoo is soooooooo cute! I love it! Thankyou xx
2/2/2011. from Cecil
Really pleased with my finished sleeve, it is totally awesome!
2/2/2011. from Steve Dixon
Thankyou for a very pleasant tattoo experience!
2/2/2011. from Richard
Must say the work I have seen come from this studio is very good, I have had several of my friends get work done here.
2/2/2011. from Howard
My first tattoo was wicked so I went back for another!
2/12/2010. from jake
Top studio, awesome tattoos A+++
19/11/2010. from sandra
The studio has an art gallery, which I was surprised to see, apparently Michael does commissioned airbrush paintings
19/11/2010. from Karen
I'm getting a full sleeve done at the minute, I cant believe how bright the colours are! Cant wait to get it finished. Cheers
19/11/2010. from Martin
Very comfy studio, Staff very polite and helpful.
19/11/2010. from Lee M
Well chuffed! My tattoo is sick!
19/11/2010. from Harry
Ive been to many tattoo studios and this is one of the best!
19/11/2010. from Patrick
Loving Michaels new website! has a great community forum well worth a look.
19/11/2010. from leon
So happy with my portrait, its better than the photo!
19/11/2010. from Tim
Neil makes a great cup of tea! lol
19/11/2010. from Daniel
Fantastic! So pleased with my black and grey sleeve, will be getting more soon.
18/8/2015. from Faye
really pleased with my tattoo michael done, I would recommend him and his staff to anyone looking for a good tattoo
18/2/2011. from Dean
18/2/2011. from Steve
Thankyou for my first tattoo!
18/2/2011. from laura
Beautiful work on my tattoo
18/2/2011. from james
Great tattoo, thankyou will beback for more
18/11/2010. from Neil
Michael & His Team Were fantastic and the tattoo Michael did for me was awesome. To view more of his work go to your be amazed with his work
18/11/2010. from Joe
Wicked group of people and brilliant work,cant thank Michael enough. By far the most professional studio I have ever been to
18/11/2010. from Alex
Very professional studio, one of the cleanest I have seen, very impressed!
18/11/2010. from Jenny
I saw Michael's youtube videos, and thought wow! I paid the studio a visit, and got myself booked in! I am a very happy bunny! Tattoo was amazing.
18/11/2010. from Ben
Blinding! What more can I say? AAAA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
18/11/2010. from George
The studio was very easy to get to, plenty of parking, and very friendly staff! I am more than happy with my new tattoo, I will be back for more, no doubt.
18/11/2010. from Rosie
I love my new tattoo! Thankyou guys
18/11/2010. from John
I heard good things about this studio, so I took the plunge and went and got my first tattoo, I couldnt be happier with the finished result.
18/11/2010. from Darren
I would highly recommend this studio, was very pleased with my tattoo, I decided to go to Michael rose after seeing his work on his website.
18/11/2010. from Sarah
If you want a fantastic tattoo, go to these guys, top quality work!
18/11/2010. from Phil R
18/11/2010. from samantha Jack
I will be booking in soon for another session, Im hooked!
17/2/2011. from Anna
It was worth all the pain!
16/7/2015. from Vanessa Kingsbury
Would highly recommend this studio, everything from start to finish was great. All the staff there was really helpful in answering my questions and was very informative about the whole process as well as making me feel very welcomed and relaxed, I had a large full colour piece on my thigh by Michael and it exceeds my expectations, its exactly what I wanted and more.
16/2/2011. from Joe
Great work done on my tattoo, very pleased
16/2/2011. from Lewis
I love my Portrait, it is so lifelike! better than the photo!
15/2/2011. from Jason
Had my first session with Fionn yesterday, it is progressing very nicely, cant't wait for the next sitting!
15/2/2011. from ozzy
15/2/2011. from samantha
Impressive studio! lots of designs to choose from, lots of artwork on the walls, friendly staff.
14/12/2010. from Bob J
13/12/2010. from Chris
Michael Rose Visual Art studio has great artists and great work in general!
11/6/2011. from enRMUUrc
Tahnks for sharing. What a pleasure to read!
11/1/2011. from Ron
So pleased with my tattoo, I already want more!
11/1/2011. from Henry
Brilliant! Nothing more I can say
11/1/2011. from Stephanie
I commissioned Michael to paint a portrait of my daugter for me, the painting was stunning, worth every penny!
10/7/2015. from wendy
Went to Michael with a rough sketch about 18 months ago... turned up trumps with exactly what I wanted, studio is soooo clean, exceptional work, everything and more you would expect from a first class studio, my partner has also seen Michael, and neither of us would go anywhere else, there is a reason why you have to wait for an appointment !!! He's busy, because he is good...
10/12/2010. from Jonathan
Very professional studio, all the pain is worth it!
1/3/2011. from Diana
I love my butterly tattoo!
1/3/2011. from Becky
I drew up my own design and took it to these guys, they tidied it up for me and produced a fantastic tattoo for me, very happy!
1/3/2011. from Kate
I was very surprised when I went to the studio and I only had to wait a couple of days for an appointment, thought I would have to wait months! was very happy they managed to squeeze me in in such a short amount of time. Thankyou
1/12/2010. from Jamie
Best studio around!

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