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Please find below details of Buzz Tattoo this tattoo studio is located in the town/city of Lancing in West Sussex.

Buzz Tattoo
Buzz Tattoo
399 Brighton Road
West Sussex
BN15 8JX

TEL : 01903 75 65 55
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8/12/2010. from louise
I first met chris at his private studio i was nervous due to a bad experience chris made a fantastic job out of a cover up. i have since been to his new shop where it is clean friendly and i wouldnt go any where else chris makes you feel at ease and the work is outstanding.
8/10/2010. from Julie
Had my 1st tattoo after years of pondering! Met Molly who was absolutely fantastic. Told him what I wanted and he drew it there and then. Had it put on my thigh and really impressed. Thanks Molly and thanks Chris for your advice :-) both great guys and a good laugh. Keep up the great work :-)
7/3/2012. from Richard
Just wanna say thanks to Nathanial at Buzz for my amazing tattoo, although nervous, he and Gemma and Chris chatted the whole way through, thanks again guys, I will try and not be back for another one, lol.
7/3/2011. from simone
chris designed a realy gorgeous scrolled double butterfly for my wrist, realy beautiful, 10 out of 10, cheers hun, i love it...he is very talented ;)
31/8/2010. from sophie tombs
very clean and very friendly lots of attention to detail Ive had 4 tattoos here one being a cover up which i was very pleased with i wouldn't go any where else, highly recommended
31/8/2010. from sophie
What to say, well Chris Hawks and his team are very friendly made me feel relaxed and at ease when having my first ever tattoo, also very clean. I cat wait to hav another 1 done by him. x
30/9/2008. from Lee
There is no point going anywhere else, Excellent tattoo work,(has done a lovely Ska/Two Tone for me). Very friendly atmosphere, very clean....and the best taste in music!!! Top fella!
30/8/2010. from Kirsty Halls
Awesome people! I had Chris tattoo me a mighty fine bit of freehand art! Also had some lazer treatment with these awesome people, make you feel at ease will most def be going again when chris finishes with my lazer for a new bit of art!! If you ever want a new tattoo or are getting your first one this is the place to go!!
30/8/2010. from Stuart
Have had a full sleave done by Chris Hawkes and was most impressed with his work and studio. Would recommend Chris to anyone looking for a 1st class tattoo artist.
30/8/2010. from Alison
Chris did my first tattoo for me and he was fantastic (I've since had another and am planning for more). He put me at ease immediately, is a great guy and very patient. Music is good but the Lollipops are better!!! LOL
30/8/2010. from Ronnie
Chris is excellent at Buzz, made me feel realy relaxed and gave me a tattoo that i am proud to say that he did :)
30/1/2009. from kirsty
Highly recomended chris is a great down to earth funny guy easy to get on with and he makes you feel welcome wheather its haveing your first tattoo done like me or weather you have had a few done from chris, its easy to feel relaxed and he put your mind at ease plus the choice of good music he plays lol oh and cant forget the lolly pops lol
30/1/2009. from TJ
One word sums up the whole experience... FANTASTIC! This was my first tattoo(probably not my last now), so was very apprehensive. Chris was great; approachable, reassuring and professional. He's also uber talented! He made me feel very at ease and was the nicest guy I could choose to hurt me for 3 and a half hours! The end result was amazing and I have had soooo many compliments about my beautiful fairy tat. Thank you. -x-
3/9/2010. from Nigel D
Quality work, i'll be back soon - what more can i say !
23/9/2008. from Helen Royle
I have had about 4/5 tattoos from Chris All excellent, he is a friendly down to earth guy who I get on well with, you will be looked after at Buzz's studio. I have recommended many people who have been to Chris again and again Top bloke and top studio
23/9/2008. from stephanie
Wouldnt go anywhere else!! Its like popping round ya mates for a tat:) Friendly atmosphere and great work. Wasnt my first tattoist but will surely be my last!!!!! Top man
23/2/2009. from Meliley
Just got back from Chris' lovely purpose built studio. Adding to my first tattoo, Chris took an image I'd found and developed it into a freestyled stars print - very girly, very 'barbie' but I love it and he didn't tell me how naff it was even though I knew he was thinking it! Couldn't recommend him and the studio more as I not only felt comfortable, but it's got loads of things to look at which really helped me relax. Brilliant atmosphere - ask to see the new tattoo Chris got in America. Now THAT is art!!!
2/2/2009. from Philip
Chris is a geezer. He takes the piss out of my tattoos, then does a great job of doing more. He knows what he is doing!!
18/9/2008. from tom
Buzz tattoo was one of the most pleasant tattoos i have ever had very friendly ,clean would definitely recommend and i will be going back
12/1/2009. from Hannah
Helen recommended Chris to me and for good reason! Really friendly atmosphere and superb talent. Really pleased with the final result - a butterfly on my neck.
10/1/2009. from Tom Wedemire
Chris is a great bloke, his price was fair and his work is very good.
1/2/2009. from Sarah-Lou
GREAT! Chris was really friendly, studio was clean and advice and time taken on placement/colour/design of tattoo was good. Had my little one with me and Chris was really patient with us and put me at ease. Really chuffed with tattoo & highly recommend :0)

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