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Please find below details of titan tattoo this tattoo studio is located in the town/city of Barnet in Herts.

titan tattoo
140 Gallants Farm Road


TEL : 0208 368 55 66
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9/5/2009. from alan
excellent skull work done very friendly professional atmosphere, most varied artist I have found for all my tattoos
6/9/2007. from Paul
6/9/2007. from David
Is it normal for you as a tattooist or your staff to go on other tattooist sites and start slagging there work off? If it is your gonna end up the loser, wind your neck in and do what you do best.....Tattooing that is
5/2/2009. from george
i must say, i had some work done in islington, that i was very unhappy with and its only until i meet anastasis that i realised how it should be done, he is very good and sorting out my mess
26/10/2008. from Charleigh
Ive never been to this place, but one of my best mates got hers done here and her tattoo looks amazing. Looking forward to getting my back done there soon. Dnt listen to them petty comments, your great! x
25/8/2009. from che667
I am a real customer and this is an honest review. Anastasis is a very nice guy however I was unhappy with a simple tribal design he done for me. I even showed a picture of what I wanted but it was totally ignored even when I made sensible design suggestions, he still did what he wanted. Left me feeling very bitter and I certainly won't be going back there for any major work. Sorry man.
22/9/2008. from Tamsin
Anastasis is awesome. I just moved to the area and was looking for a new tattooist. He worked on me and I know I won't be going anywhere else for as long as I am living here.
19/9/2007. from brian
17/5/2010. from Ana Stockley
Anastasis is a great patient artist so is his assistant. My boyfriend and I had tattoos done in the same day and we are delighted with the results. I had one tattoo done by another North London artist who was the least rude and extremely arrogant to his customers and to top, he had a messy place as a studio! I would definately recommend Anastasis as an artist and his studio for top cleannes. Will be back very soon! Oh BTW I am a real life satisfied customer!
17/11/2009. from Olly
very happy with my tattoo, no faults and great aftercare advice! a*************
13/8/2008. from Dave
Anastasis is great. Everyone who's seen my tattoo has been impressed with the quality of his work, and the success of his aftercare advice. I'll be back, and I know some friends will be too.
12/9/2007. from Anastasis
Hello everyone! It is Anastasis, the owner of Titan tattoo. I would please ask David, Paul and everyone else who is willing to accuse me of poor work or slagging others off (??!!) to come forward and be specific so that we can see how true those accusations are! As for my work, check the galleries. The quality of my studio speaks for itself. Please, please people come forward and don't hide behind computers!
11/5/2007. from kev
i have visited a few tattooists in my time but the skills of this studio blow the lot away! no one else will tattoo me and my wife except anastasis.he delivers the best everytime,and for us is the best in london.
11/2/2008. from Shelley Marquis
P.S We have had tattoos at Original Skin, Flaming Eight and Primitive Origins and chose Titan over them all. Oh and I am a real person!
11/2/2008. from test
11/2/2008. from Shelley Marquis
The Titan studio is that it is bright, clean and un-intimidating. My husband and I have had a number of tattoos here and recommend Anastasis he is sociable, his work is fantastic and there is not one single point on my tattoo or my husbands that I could fault. If you are looking for a good place to go in North London I highly recommend him. He will not moan if you want a small tattoo, he will not charge you stupid prices, he keeps to his appointment times and most of all his work is faultless.
10/9/2007. from kevin.
keep up the good work anastasis,ignore the silly comments. you know the truth... c.u.soon...

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