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Please find below details of tattoo studios birmingham this tattoo studio is located in the town/city of Birmingham in west midlands.

tattoo studios birmingham
28 New Road
west midlands
B45 9HU

TEL : 0121 457 7821
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8/8/2007. from NaughtyMutt
I've seen some work and I wouldnt call it good. It depends who actually does the tattoo, one is OK, the other is mediocre.NOTE FROM JOHN:PLEASE NOTE MUTT NEVER HAD A TATTOO FROM US HE "SAW OUR WORK"?YOU CAN SEE IT TOO, CHECK OUR PHOTOS at especialy you tony oh i mean mutt!
31/10/2012. from pFxFkuOq
In all reality, we all have tototas in some way. scars and memories tattooed to our very souls, and i think it takes a lot of bravery for someone to decide? they would want to show/share them to the rest of the world. tototas tell stories
3/11/2012. from prxLtcmLWERONXmwrq
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29/1/2009. from michelle
I went here today and had a tattoo done on my leg and foot. What a great experience!!!! not only where they a freindly bunch, my tattoo was exactly how i wanted it and i was made to feel relaxed all through. Well worth it. Only bad experience is that i was bk home late ( came from droitwich and had to recover my kids etc) ordered a takeaway and it made me sick :( nothing to do with the tattoo of course but thought i would share that useless bit of info. I would really recommend going here for a tattoo though they are fabulous. stay away from leaning tower of pizza in droitwich tho :)THANKS MICHELLE GLAD YOU WERE HAPPY SORRY BOUT PIZZA THOUGH!
29/1/2009. from michelle
oh yer and there is a live singer too!!!
27/1/2007. from Fitzy( Lee)
Top lads with a wealth of experience in a clean and friendly atmosphere and reassuring to tattoo virgins. lol tHANX 4 YOUR KIND WORDS FITZ HOPE WE SEE U AGAIN
26/7/2009. from michelle ;-)
why are people slating the studio???!! i have had a few tattoos done there and love them, im going back next week too! the studio is a warm. friendly and clean place and tattooist dale is absolutely brilliant!!!thanks for your support michelle but the slaters are not even customers he is in fact a sad lonely tattooer who apears to be jealous
25/10/2011. from BISH
23/3/2011. from susie...
love, love, love john. always makes me laugh and puts me at ease, gave me my first tattoo nearly 20 years ago( done 3 now) also had 1 done by dale which i love too. wanna thank u for the great experiences which gave me my love of tattooing. would soooo love to learn this great profession!! hint hint wink wink xxxxxxx hehehe!
21/1/2009. from roger bently
had lots of work off john greyshade great, went back and had tribal off johns apprentice Dale.AKA, THE BISH! who is now in his third year and doing good work like the man that taught him WHAT A TEAM RECCOMEND U CHECK THEM OUT /tHANKS ROG VERY KIND OF U TO SAY SO
20/11/2009. from ben wright
went to john with picture of samurai from a magazine he completley blew me away when he said he wouldnt want to do it but what he explained was that the photo was someone elses art and he would do similar and hopefully better i took a gamble and wow am chuffed now adding a dragon for full sleeve he said when complete gonna show on oh and he freehanded all the back ground he,s the man thanx john
15/5/2008. from harriet skinner
i had stars on my foot and it was my first tatoo i found that they was very gental and nice and i love my tattoo i wud defo go bk 4 more thanks lads...xx /AND THANKS HARRIETT VERY KIND OF U
15/5/2008. from claire harriets friend
i would like to say that i think you are a really good place to come to and have a tatoo because i think that harriets is really good a i think that you did a excerlent job of it well done claire......x fLATTERY WILL GET U EVERY WHERE THANK YOU
15/4/2009. from Aimee
I have been here for 2 tattoos and i absolutely love the place. The work is amazing and they make you feel so comfortable. I will be going back very soon :)
13/5/2009. from brian the rope
John has inked me twice. Both times were custom pieces. You can see both pieces that John has done because he uses them as pictorial evidence of what he can do in his shop window. My second piece is the Victoria Frances Armand & Favole piece that John uses on his gallery on this website. I think it says it all. Professional, caring, knowledgeable, very experienced, value for money. I am happy to tell all my friends about TattooStudiosBirmingham and upload this tattoo of mine to my facebook page and give John the credit he deserves. He is the only tattooist I feel happy with inking me. I will be getting more before he retires. The other guys are as good too.Keep up the good work !! SORRY BRIAN CANT WRITE ANY MORE, AM CRYING MY EYES OUT THANKYOU I AM SO HUMBLED
12/1/2009. from ben
saw someone say they were disapointed with johns work well i am over the moon with ny 70% coverage check pics on his site its good(ps) did you tell him you wasnt happy / THANX BEN AND U ARE QUITE RIGHT EVERYONE IS ASKED IF THEY ARE HAPPY WITH THERE WORK BEFORE WE COVER IT AND SO THIS REVIEWER LEAVES ME WITH DOUBTS OF HIM BEING GENUINE!!!
11/7/2012. from Bill Cunningham
First class set up, always looking to improve suroundings work ethics etc. This crew have been around for years and know what the are about not some fly by who has junped on the bandwagon. Remember its o you for life so dont fanny aroud check out the galleries, ask around you will always end up here such is the reputation of the shops in the group.
11/6/2009. from Maria
Very friendly, made me feel at ease. Gave me a very good price - very happy will be returning!!
1/6/2014. from ClXmKHfXDsuIINgyr
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