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About us... was set up in early 2006. It already recieves over 200,000 visitors per year and is number 1 in many search engines for a search of tattoo studios.

Our site receives 17 times more visitors than and 3 times more than Its the second most popular paid tattoo studio online directory, being the first! It has more paid studios than and combined.

In September 2006 the USA tattoo studio directory was started. The Us site receives over 100,000 unique visitors per year already

What makes our tattoo directories so popular?

We are the only tattoo studio web site who allow visitors to view pictures.

We are the only tattoo studio web site who allow visitors to post reviews on studios.

Our studio information is extremely detailed, people can view prices, opening times and get general info on what types of tattoo's each studio does.

What makes our tattoo studio information so detailed and accurate?

Basically tattoo studios are in control of there adverts. They can login in to there studio account anytime and change the advert in real time. They can also upload examples of work and even a shop image.

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